Virtue Ethics in a Digital Mediascape

Virtue Ethics in a Digital Mediascape

Trans Social Communication and the Human Person | taught by Daughters of St Paul
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Daughters of St Paul
Daughters of St Paul

About the instructor

The Daughters of St Paul, #MediaNuns, are dedicated to living Christ and communicating Christ within the popular media culture. We are media literacy educators, writers, film reviewers, authors, and presenters on all areas of faith formation and media education. 

The Pauline Center for Media Studies, an apostolate of the Daughters of St Paul, seeks to develop and encourage media mindfulness within the context of culture, education, and faith formation. 


How does the emergence of the digital technologies affect what it means to be human? How can we live virtuous lives in our digital spaces? This course lays a foundation of virtue ethics based on the fundamental ethic of the dignity of the human person and brings that into dialogue with the issues of isolation, communion, honesty, dishonesty, real and not real that come from our online experiences. It shows that virtue is the core of character education for our digital age. 

Course Contents

5 Videos
2 Texts
1.5 hrs

Course Curriculum

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Fundamental Ethic-The Human Person
Isolation vs Communion
Honesty vs Dishonesty