Pauline Center for Media Studies

Pauline Center for Media Studies

Media Mindfulness courses for Culture, Education and Faith Formation

Sr Nancy Usselmann, FSP

Cultural Mysticism

How can our faith and media connect? It is by taking a sacred look at the art of the popular culture to see where God's grace is present. This course delves into how we can become mystics today and bring our faith into dialogue with it.

Sr Hosea Rupprecht, FSP

Praying with the Media

The media and technology are gifts of God and provide an opportunity for us to pray that these gifts be used to communicate the truth, beauty, and goodness of God. Using several methods of prayer, Sr. Hosea guides participants in praying for and with

Sr Hosea Rupprecht, FSP

Media Literacy: What is it?

Media pervade our lives. Growing in the skills of media literacy helps us to become critical engagers of the digital media culture. This course goes through the Core Concepts and Key Questions associated with media literacy, enabling us to make media