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Communication is our way of relating with one another. This communication is most authentic when it is for the good of the other. This class looks at the Most Holy Trinity as our example of true communication, because each person of the Holy Trinity are different ways that God communicates with humanity through the intimacy of love. This is the basis for a theology of communications. This class will also address very real challenges to communication.


Sister Marie Paul Curley is a Daughter of Saint Paul and Acquisitions Editor for Pauline Books & Media Publishing House. She is a noted author, blogger, film reviewer and has a background in producing and writing Catholic home video and cable TV productions. Sr Marie Paul is a gifted speaker and has guided retreats and Faith & Film Movie Nights for Catholics across the USA and Canada. As an author and speaker, Sr. Marie Paul’s central themes are: God’s love for us revealed in Christ, the theology and spirituality of communication, the dialogue between Gospel and media (especially film), Pauline spirituality, spirituality for writers and communicators, and Eucharistic prayer, as well as spiritual themes such as a Catholic approach to self-esteem, holiness & the saints, and the spiritual art of discernment.

Sr Marie Paul Curley, FSP


Course curriculum

  • 01


    • Welcome to the class!

    • Communion of Love

  • 02

    The Most Holy Trinity

    • Triune God

  • 03

    The Father

    • Creator, Giver of Life, Source of Being

    • Activity

  • 04

    The Son

    • Christ, the Perfect Communicator

  • 05

    The Holy Spirit

    • Embrace of God

    • Ladder 49 Viewing Guide

  • 06

    Living a Communion of Love

    • Communion of Love

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